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melodic improvisations on original compositions and jazz standards

"Very cool music played in a magical atmosphere - this will appeal
to jazz novices as well as hardcore enthusiasts."
Three Weeks Magazine



Winner of the Parliamentary Jazz Award for Best Media, 2019

"I was particularly pleased to see so many original pieces included in the programme and I was very impressed with the quality of Millar's writing...

...Perhaps the most distinctive of Millar's originals was “Khamsin”, named for the dry, hot wind that affects Egypt and the Levant. This was introduced by Spencer at the piano, accompanied by Millar's soprano sax drone, a sustained single note that represented a substantial feat of breath control. Millar's subsequent solo exhibited a definite North African / Middle Eastern influence and, for me, this piece represented a real gig highlight. From the reaction of the rest of the audience I wasn't alone...

...The saxophonist returned to soprano for his own “Caithness Song”, another beautiful piece inspired by the duo's travels, this time to the remote North East of Scotland...

...they are genuinely lovely people and I wish them well on the rest of their seemingly never ending tour. I was particularly pleased to see so many original pieces included in the programme and I was very impressed with the quality of Millar's writing."

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thank you to all who came!

"Jazz at Lunchtime"
80 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh

Ian challenged himself to run 10k after every Fringe gig for 25 days. He completed the 250k!

2 friends kindly sponsored him at £1 per kilometre and very generously gave £250 to
THE SAMARITANS charity (with Gift Aid = £312)

* * *

Some Lockdown Fun!


Pepperoni Challenge!
with Augie Bello (New York) & OrangeBananas (Zagreb)



Something very different!
Funky Duet with George Collins
in Boston, USA

"Playing in the Sun"
composed by Ian Millar


"A Weaver of Dreams"
composed by Victor Young

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Photographs & tales, following a jazz sax & piano duo from Scotland, as they tour around the UK and beyond, in their Tour Bus (a converted Yorkshire ambulance).

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"They are a piano and saxophone combo of the highest calibre,
with music that will appeal to jazz novices as well as hardcore enthusiasts."

“...he really used the vast range of the tenor, always with gentle lyricism"

“...really excellent Millar originals..."

"Beautiful soaring magic! I was blown away by your show, just breathtaking!"

"What a lovely and exhilarating performance! Enjoyed the interaction between the two of you,
and the obvious love you have for what you do."

"...expect warm, intelligent, reflective, human music..."

"Ian Millar’s own composition Morning Dew opened the performance,
its lovely sinuous melody ranging freely from the heights to the depths of the tenor sax voice."

"...a unique performance not only in its introduction of many new pieces but also in the splendidly relaxed jazz styling;
music that had its own special flavour and was not a copy of anything else."


Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Ian (saxophones) and Dominic (piano) have been performing together for a number of years playing melodic improvisations on jazz standards and original compositions. Their style of jazz concentrates on developing melodic ideas within the framework of the melody of a tune, whilst maintaining the concept and groove behind it. The result is a very accessible melodic style which allows them to explore, improvise and develop ideas without losing the essence of each piece of music, and to interact together in as creative a way as possible.

They have had enormous success over many years during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with their very successful show “Jazz at Lunchtime”. Thousands of people have come to see them perform, with many sell-out shows. A number of visitors to the Edinburgh Fringe from all over the world have returned year after year.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, the duo has regularly and extensively toured throughout the UK. They have embarked on many rural tours under their “Jazz in the Village” series, playing in hundreds of halls, often bringing jazz for the first time to remote communities, performing in intimate settings to appreciative audiences. The beautiful Scottish scenery that they have seen on their travels has inspired the writing of many pieces of music by Ian.

Ian and Dom have also performed in a number of festivals including:

Edinburgh Jazz Festival
Glasgow Jazz Festival
Fife Jazz Festival
Callander Jazz Festival
Borders Jazz Festival
Bath Fringe Festival
Buxton Fringe Festival
John O’Groats Book Festival

They have also performed in Arts Centres and small theatres throughout the country, such as: The Lyth Arts Centre, Kirkudbright Arts Centre; East Kilbride Arts Centre; Aberdeen Art Gallery (Cowdray Hall); The Loft, Winchester; Knock Castle, Crieff; The Firestaion Arts Centre, Windsor; Norden Farm Arts Centre, Maidenhead; The Lot Arts Centre, Edinburgh; Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine; The Old Well Theatre, Moffat; Lockerbie Little Theatre; Dibble Tree Theatre, Carnoustie; The City Theatre, Durham; Mission Theatre, Bath; The Doghouse Jazz Club, Ramsbottom; Henry’s Jazz Cellar, Edinburgh; Links Hotel Jazz Club, Montrose; Swallow Theatre, Newton Stewart; National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh; The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen; Bearsden Town Hall, St Margaret's Arts Centre, Braemar and The Music Village, Brussels.

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